Types of Automobile Paint You Should Know | Automotive Paint in Denton, TX

Types of Automobile Paint You Should Know | Automotive Paint in Denton, TX

Colors are more important than they are perceived to be. They define our personalities and choices in life. They have a significant effect on our mood as well. But when it comes to choosing the color for your car, then it is an entirely different story.

The painting process of cars is almost entirely different to the process of painting a room or the outside walls of your house. You have to choose a perfect color that looks good and is also practical. For example, if you live in a region with high temperatures and the scorching sun for most part of the year, then black color is not a good choice for you.

Unlike the paint for room walls, car paint consists of three important components: pigment, thinner, and binder. The pigment is used to give the color of the paint; thinner is used to spread this color all over the car body equally; binder is used to bind the pigment and thinner together. Next time you take your ride for an automotive paint in Denton, TX, make sure you think through your decision for you will have to be stuck with that color for a while.

Now let’s have a look at all the different types of automotive paints in Denton, TX:

Solid Paint

Solid paint is the most basic type of paint that you will find on almost all the non-luxury cars in the world. This is because this paint is relatively cheaper and a lot easier to apply. Solid paint job is mostly limited to colors like white, blue, red or black. However, this choice of colors varies for different manufacturers and regions.

Application of solid paint is also the least complicated process for car manufacturers. This paint job mostly consists of two layers of paints which means it can be completed in two steps as well. The first step is the application of the color, and the next step is the application of lacquer coat. The lacquer coat is used for the protection of the color from sunlight, weather, and scratches.

Solid paint might be cheaper but it has improved in quality over the years. A newly finished solid color paint job looks fabulous, and it is also pretty easy and cheap to repair later on. If you are looking to change the boring color of your car without wanting it to cost a lot, then don’t hesitate to take your car for a good automotive paint in Denton, TX.


Metallic Paint

If you have extra cash to splash for the paint job of your car then you should go for a metallic finish paint job. Metallic paint can be termed as an upgraded version of solid paint because both of these paint jobs are basically the same. The only difference is that the metallic paint has an added powder of aluminum metal in it.

The reason a metallic paint is more expensive than a solid paint is that it is much more difficult to produce. Also, the paint job requires a bit more skill to finish, which is why many manufacturers charge extra for a simple upgrade from solid to metallic.

People go for metallic paint because it makes their car stand out on the road. The powdered metal in the paint reflects light better, making the paint look more vibrant. The color also feels a lot richer and shinier than a simple solid finish.

Other than looks, the metallic paint is also good at hiding scratches and chips due to its shiny finish. However, it can be a nightmare to repair, especially if you had custom paint job. The biggest problem is the color matching, which many body shops simply refuse because it is extremely difficulty.

Therefore, if you decide to get a metallic automotive paint in Denton, TX, just consider the cost and repair problems.

Pearlescent Paint

A pearlescent paint job is something you will only find on high-end luxury and sports cars. This paint is created just like metallic paint. The only difference is that metal powder is replaced with ceramic crystals. These crystals are commonly known as “mica” among the body shop and car enthusiasts’ community. The ceramic crystals in the pearlescent paint reflect and also refract light, which creates shades of different colors as you look at it.

Pearlescent paint job is probably the most exotic and expensive ‘shiny paint job’ that you can get for your car.

If you have a high-end Bentley or Rolls Royce then go for the pearlescent paint job by taking your car for a good automotive paint in Denton, TX.

Matte Paint

Matte finish on a car might look like an easy job but it takes a lot of effort to achieve this non-shiny dead look. It can be achieved even by using a simple solid paint. All you have to do is add an extra primer coat to it. However, it also requires more PVC content and clear lacquer to maintain the dullness for a long time. The combination of these contents should be carefully created. This means that only an expert painter can do this job.

A Matte finish is also criticized often due to its dull look, but many car enthusiasts prefer it for its unique and rough feel.

The repair cost for a matte finish is usually quite steep and this paint job also requires extra care. If you want this exotic dull looking paint for your BMW or Audi, then head over to a body shop for a good automotive paint in Denton, TX.

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