The Benefits of Using Waterborne Paint for Automotive Coating | Automotive Paint in Bridgeport, TX

The Benefits of Using Waterborne Paint for Automotive Coating | Automotive Paint in Bridgeport, TX

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The advancement in technology and the constant effort of making this world a more convenient place to live in has cornered the environment in the past. Like a boxer on the ropes, the environment has suffered a beating at the hands of pollution and environmental hazards emerging from human activities.

Given the growing concern for environmental security, governments around the world are looking for more sustainable and less polluted ways to channel their growth and productivity. One of the significant contributors to environmental pollution is the automobile industry, the spare parts, and the components each play a role in hurting the environment.

With time, states around the world have realized the significance of regulation, to limit the damage to the environment, scientists and researchers are urging states to regulate various segments of the production line. It is because of such regulatory measures, auto body shop operators in Denton changed to waterborne paint from the traditional solvent-borne paint

With automotive paint used for protection and decoration, it is only ironic and unfair for the paint to be dangerous for the environment. Given the growing environmental concerns and the need for a better environment here are some of the benefits of Waterborne Paints

1.  Better for the Environment

In comparison to solvent-borne paints, waterborne paints contain fewer toxins that do not populate the air as long as toxins from solvent-borne paint. The need for regulating the automotive paint industry raised from the threat of volatile organic compounds found in solvent-borne paint, the presence of which in the atmosphere led to severe illnesses for both humans and animals.

Additionally, waterborne paint is less flammable and less hazardous; this automotive painting tool will allow your coating methods to suit the needs of a clean environment and that of the regulations implemented by the state.

2.  Healthier for the Employees

As discussed before solvent-borne automotive paint is dangerous for humans and animals alike, the VOC in the atmosphere can lead to nausea and damage the liver, kidney, and the central nervous system. Some organics in the VOC can also result in cancer in humans.

With the use of waterborne paint, the employees will enjoy much healthier conditions since toxins from waterborne paint do not last as long in the air as toxins from other automotive paints.

In addition to creating a healthier environment, waterborne paints also create a much safer environment too. Waterborne paints are less flammable and less hazardous minimizing the risk that is inherited with the use of other automotive paints.

3.  Waterborne Paints Cost Less

In addition to posing threats for the residents of Denton solvent-borne paint also require thinners, additives, and hardeners. Using waterborne paint will relieve you from the additional expense of arranging these compliments, which add to the performance of solvent-borne paints.

In addition to saving costs from additional expenses, waterborne paints are also more useful since you’ll need less quantity to cover more area. Using the same amounts of both waterborne and solvent-borne automotive paints, you will realize that the waterborne paint covers more area.

Another cost-saving advantage that waterborne paints offer is that the product lasts longer in sealed containers, allowing you the option to save your inventory for later use.

4.  High Gloss Finish

One of the significant reasons why auto body shop operators in Denton rate waterborne paints highly is because the automotive paint type delivers excellent corrosion protection for automotive parts.

Unlike other automotive paints, when using waterborne paints, you will not need the help of an additional bright coat finish since the waterborne paints will provide a high gloss finish of their own.

5.  Durable

Another reason for the growing popularity of waterborne paints is its durability. A waterborne paint will hold up well to heat and will protect the automotive body from corrosion.

The paints also resistant abrasion, which allows the body to maintain the glossy look the automotive paint in Bridgeport, TX, gave it.

Like all other things, the move from solvent-borne paints to waterborne paints is not an easy one; the transition requires you to make changes. The investment in the new equipment is minimal, but it is imperative.

Transition to Waterborne Paints

The first thing to consider when opting for waterborne painting for automotive painting is the need for spray guns. It is imperative that the spray guns comprise materials that are resistant to corrosion, materials such as stainless steel or plastic.

Unlike the other paints, the drying time for waterborne paints is much longer than solvent-based coatings. When applying paint, it is imperative to adjust your manufacturing procedures to incorporate more drying time.

Another important consideration is the viscosity of the paint when applied on the substrate. Waterborne paints require a different optimal viscosity then solvent-borne automotive paints in Denton. The need for varying viscosity means that the staff will need to familiarize itself with the new application techniques.

Additionally, to support and manage the viscosity effectively, you will also need the support of temperature control solutions that you know.


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