Here’s What to Consider When Looking for a Custom Paint Shop in Decatur, TX

Here’s What to Consider When Looking for a Custom Paint Shop in Decatur, TX

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Are you looking for a custom paint shop in Decatur, TX? Never Satisfied Kustoms might be just what you are looking for when considering a paint job. We know that when it comes to selecting a custom paint shop in Decatur, TX you have numerous choices. That is why we make sure to provide comprehensive services which will satisfy you.


There are some signs that your automobile needs a new paint job. These include:

  • Faded color
  • Dings and chips
  • Rust spots
  • Peeling paint
  • Porous paint
  • Weathered paint
  • Paint which has lost its luster

Once you decide you need a paint job, there are some things to look for in a custom paint shop in Decatur, TX. These include the following:

  • Select a shop that specializes in custom paints
  • Find a shop whose style appeals to you
  • Look for a shop with warranties
  • See whether the shop uses current equipment
  • Check whether the cost of the paint scheme is in the right price range.


There are numerous advantages of a custom paint job. If you take pride in the appearance of your car or truck, you might want to consider one. It offers all the advantages mentioned below.

1.    Makes Your Car Look Unique

A custom paint job makes your truck or car look different from every other model with factory issued paint. You will stand out from the crowd instead of blending into it. Going to a custom paint shop in Decatur, TX will allow you to display some of your individuality and uniqueness, which includes designs and cool metallic paint which will look stunning at night.

2.    Increases Resale Value

If you get a custom paint job, the resale value of your vehicle will also go up. The amount it goes up depends on the paint style, job and color(s) chosen. Although you will probably pick a design and paint which you like best, it can make your vehicle sell faster when you do want to sell it off.

3.    Makes Your Car Feel New

With a customized paint job, your car will feel new. It breathes fresh life into your vehicle. Although this look will be on the outside, if you complement it with a good interior detail job, your car vehicle can feel entirely new. For instance, if your paint has faded over time, a new paint job revitalizes your vehicle.

4.    Reverses Damage

The bitter truth is that your vehicle faces elements on the road each day which wear away at its paint. These include, road salt, the light of the sun, and perhaps even acidic rain can fade away the color and damage your vehicle’s original paint. Sand, gravel and basic road debris can chip your vehicle’s paint. All these elements cause enough damage over time to diminish your vehicle’s appearance and hence, its value. A custom car paint job can restore its outer beauty and increase the value to your vehicle immensely.

Here are some essential things to consider when getting a paint job done:

  • Types of Paint

You need to consider the types of paint you can get.

Below are the four types of paints available which you should consider when looking for a custom paint shop in Decatur, TX:

  1. Solid Paint
  2. Pearlescent Paint
  3. Metallic Paint
  4. Matte Paint
  • Visible Damage

You should ensure the paint job is done well so that the original damage to your vehicle is not visible. When the paint job is done, you should inspect your vehicle properly for signs and inspect the areas that were initially damaged.

If there is indication of scuffing or wear then the custom paint shop in Decatur, TX has done its job poorly.

  • Paint Quality

Automobile owners should also inspect the quality of the work being done. A custom paint job requires expertise.

This inspection should be done in various lightings. The brighter the light in which the inspection is done, the better you can tell the paint’s quality. Checking for inconsistency in the automobile’s tone and texture is an effective measure.

  • Mismatched Colors

A sign of a badly done paint job is mismatched colors. This happens when the new paint and the old paint applied are different shades of the same color.

So for instance, the hood of the car might be a different shade than its door. The finished piece doesn’t look impressive in this case. Ideally, a good custom paint shop in Decatur, TX will use the exact same shade and apply it properly.

  • The Reputation

When you are considering choosing a particular custom paint shop in Decatur, TX it is good to get to know their reputation. You can do this through online reviews or asking around. See what people say about the longevity of the paint job.

  • Paint Impurities and Cleanliness

Due to the number of jobs a custom paint shop in Decatur, TX deals with daily, there are bound to be particles such as debris, dust and dirt present. A decent shop pays attention to all the little details.

A good shop will be vigilant and ensure that these particles don’t make it into the paint mixture. The booth where the car will be painted should be cleaned to guarantee the best possible result.


We offer comprehensive services, which include the following:

  • Tires & Wheels
  • Paint & Minor Body
  • Suspension Lifts & Lowering Kits
  • Accessories & Installs
  • Cosmetic Repairs (Paint Correction)
  • Polishing Services

We are a small family business, established recently but we also provide high quality services. We are available to customize your car whenever you want. From paint and body, tires and wheels, lift kits and accessories we do it all! We believe in quality and satisfaction of our customers, making us the best choice for a custom paint shop in Decatur, TX. So give us a call for your custom paint needs! To know more or read customer reviews, visit our website.