Car Paint Finish: The Ultimate Guide | Custom Paint Shops in Decatur, TX

Car Paint Finish: The Ultimate Guide | Custom Paint Shops in Decatur, TX

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Are you suddenly bored with the look of your car? Do you wish to spice things up a bit with some fresh paint and a new look?

You might be under the impression that all you need to do is look up the nearest custom paint shop in Decatur, TX, and a new look is just a paint finish away. Well, yes and no.

You’d realize after visiting any custom paint shop in Decatur, TX that paint finishes come in a wide variety. While you may prefer one over the other based on its outward appearance, each one of them has its own pros and cons. So, choosing a finish that’ll suit your car and budget could be a difficult choice to make. After all, you can’t practically go for renovation every other day.

To avoid any mishaps, we’ll provide you with information on the diverse types of paint finishes that you can easily find in custom paint shops in Decatur, TX.

Solid Paints

If you’re considering painting your car in a basic blue, white, black or red, the most sensible option for you would be to go for solid paints. You’d notice that these are the same options that are available to you in most cars. This is because these solid paints are easily available and do not cost any additional money.

Save yourself a few bucks and you can easily get a uniform single-shade finish. You could take matters in your own hands, and finish the job yourself in your own garage. You only need a paint compressor. It won’t require much effort, as it only needs a single application. And a lacquer coat to top it up. Just be careful and avoid inhaling the mist. For a really professional finish, however, it would be a good idea to visit a custom paint shop in Decatur, TX.

Although you may not have plenty of options in this choice, it will be economical for you in the long run. The other benefits are that you can easily find a match in any custom paint shop in Decatur, TX and maintenance of a single shade is much easier.

Metallic Paints

Another option for automotive paints is the metallic finish. If you want a car that’s so shiny you can see your reflection, this is the perfect choice for you. The metallic paints contain a small volume of powdered metal in it. The manufacturer is free to choose the amount and kind of metal used, but as a prevalent practice, it’s around 1 part in 50 of aluminum powder. It doesn’t cost them much but they tend to charge a premium to the customers for a metallic finish.

If you maintain your car well, you’d get a dazzling glimmer compared to solid paints. That’s because the metal particles present in the coat catch the light and reflect the iridescent rays hitting the surface.

If your car has a metallic finish, the minor blemishes won’t be too noticeable. However, a perfect match could be difficult to find. Even licensed auto paint shops in Decatur, TX might disappoint you.

Pearlescent Paints

If you substitute metal particles with ceramic crystals (also known as “mica”), you’ll obtain pearlescent paints. This automotive paint is unique in the manner that it can appear to be in any of the rainbow colors. The crystal lets some light get absorbed and slows it down, breaking it into various colors. It has a subtle color to it and a lustrous shine at the same time. It seems different from different angles.

But all that comes at a cost, and a considerable one as compared to solid paint. Not only is the initial investment costly, but the follow up is also difficult to manage. An overhaul could be time consuming. And a perfect match might not be available in local custom paint shops in Decatur, TX.

Matte Finish

You won’t find matte paint in the custom paint shops in Decatur, TX. These paints usually seen in black or grey can be considered as rare. However, a wide range of matte colors could be found in quite a few niche vehicles. You can get the true matte finish using several techniques. The most prevalent one is similar to the solid paint, with either a primer of high epoxy content, a high concentration of PVC in the paint itself, or mixing a flattening agent to the clear coat for a dull effect.

The matte finish flashes wealth in its look. You’d end up with gloss stains if you try to polish it with normal abrasive polish. And you can’t just go to any custom paint shop in Decatur, TX to get itrevamped either. Its maintenance and repair is not something everyone can handle. It requires a lot of commitment and dedication.

Special Paints

If you’re a car fanatic or follow sports cars, you must be aware of the specialty paints. These paints are usually found on luxury cars and sports car. The finish gives a glossy look and the car seems to be changing colors. It can be made using a mixture of different effects. Most common of them is layering. Paints covering each other give a dramatic effect.

The downside of it is that it’s awfully expensive to buy and repair. If you’re going for a shiny look, it’s more achievable with pearlescent or metallic finish.


By now you must have realized that every automotive painthas its own perks and privileges. When choosing the type of finish for your car, you should consider a few things. What’s the look that you want for your car? If your choice is feasible in terms of affordability or not. Keep in mind that it’s not just a one-time investment, but you need to maintain it as well.

We’re sure you have your final pick in mind now, so go ahead and give your car the makeover it deserves! Contact the experts at Never Satisfied Kustoms today!