Automotive Paint 101: All You Need to Know About Painting a Car | Car paint shops in Denton, TX

Automotive Paint 101: All You Need to Know About Painting a Car | Car paint shops in Denton, TX

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If you’re in Denton, TX and dreaming about an ultimate car makeover, your first step would be to check out the different options you have regarding automotive paint. The job isn’t over once you’re done deciding the color of your car. It’s much more complicated than that.

From the various types to the methods of painting a car, you have plenty of options to choose from. Although it may seem exciting at first, it can be confusing at the same time. If you’re planning to paint it yourself or get it done at a car paint shop in Denton, TX, it’s important for you to know all the options that are out there.

You don’t necessarily have to have to rely on the car manufacturer or visit a car paint shop in Denton, TX to get hold of information. We’re here to guide you through all that there’s to know about automotive paints. We assure you that by the end, you’d be able to make the perfect pick for your vehicle.

Let’s begin with the two main categories of paints that are available.

Categories of Automotive Paints

They’re two sorts of paints that are commonly used on cars, namely water-based and solvent-based. What makes them different from each other is their formulation.

Solvent Borne Paints

Used for a long time, solvent borne paints are traditional automotive paints. Made up from a solvent base, they contain lacquer, urethane or enamel. They consist of huge amounts of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Humans are becoming more conscious about their health and the environment. As a result, water based paints have almost replaced solvent based paints in most auto paint shops in Denton, TX.

Water Borne Paints

Taking over the paints shop are water-based paints. Mainly involve water and include only about 10 percent of solvent in them. With environmental regulations growing more rigorous and growing health concerns about volatile organic compounds in some paints, many shop owners tend to prefer water based paints.

What Should You Pick?

Paint shop owners have questioned the performance of waterborne paints compared to solvent borne paints. However, highly efficient water based paints are now produced with the aid of modern technology. To follow the strict environmental regulations, shops are moving to water based paints. If you want to enjoy the clean air in Denton, TX while driving your shiny car, this should be your pick.

Application of Car Paint

After getting an idea of the two sorts of paints available, we’ll move on to the methods used to apply auto paints.

Single Stage Paint

In the 1980s when technology had not taken over the world yet, this methodology was popular in car paint shops in Denton, TX. It is an all-in-one paint solution. The paint formula incorporates both the base coat and the clear coat together.

Two Stage Paint

In today’s era you’d commonly find custom car paint shops in Denton, TX using this technique. After the primer is applied, the paint application takes place in two phases. The base coat goes on in the first stage, which is followed by the clear coat once the base coat is dry.

If you’re looking for a finish that lasts longer, go for two stage paint. It does take longer to apply and it heavy on the pocket. But it is also clearly the better choice from the two.

Do You Need the Primer?

Primer is the first coat, regardless of whichever application method you choose. The undercoat is used to attain the perfect finish. It fills out and levels any defects on the surface of the vehicle which provides a smooth surface before it is painted. You must never skip this step when painting your car.

Base Coat Colors

You’ve three different options when it comes to base coat colors.


You’d find commonly available cars in Denton, TX to be in a no-cost basic, solid color. Solid paint involves a single application of color. Later a lacquer coat goes on it, in order to shield from nicks, marks and the weather. If you wish for a smooth single shade finish it would be an ideal choice.

The best part is that solid paint is economical. It’s easy to maintain, as minor stone chips are reparable with a touch-up pen. Even fixing bigger cracks wouldn’t cost you a fortune and in limited time. However, there are a few drawbacks. If you put it under scrutiny you’d notice that these paints show “orange-peel” paint finishes. Also, you’re restricted to choose from red, blue, black and white only.


What distinguishes metallic paint from solid paint is the tiny amount of powdered metal that is added to it. The manufacturer is free to choose the type and quantity of metal. Car paint shops in Denton, TX usually charge you a premium for an upgrade to a metallic finish, despite the fact that it isn’t expensive to produce. The high price is justified however, due to the necessity for multiple coats of both paint and clear coat.

This gives you a ravishing glow compared to the solid paint, as the metal particles in the paint help reflect iridescent light. Insignificant damages remain hidden from a distance due to metallic paints. But in case of damage, it’ll become a daunting task to restore it. You’d struggle to find a match even in authorized body shops in Denton, TX.


Pearlescent paints contain ceramic crystals instead of metallic particles. These refract light splitting it in two colors. The result is a luminous deep effect that changes colors from different perspectives. You can be completely awestruck by its look.

However, these paints are a bit on the pricier side. It carries the similar shortcomings as that of metallic paint finish. Damage repair can take up a lot of your time.


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