All You Need to Know About Automotive Paint in Decatur, TX

All You Need to Know About Automotive Paint in Decatur, TX

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Painting your car is not as simple as painting the walls of your house or the fence in your backyard. It is far more complicated to say the least. Automotive paint in Decatur, TX, is done using specialized paints with the help of customized equipment to give the right color, texture and shine to your vehicle.

Automotive paint is complicated and it takes several days to complete the process. Automotive paint in Decatur, TX, is not just about repainting. In fact, it involves a great deal of work. A lot of pre-work is done to prepare the car to paint it in the right manner. This is the reason why automotive paint in Decatur, TX, is a costly business.

The Process

The process involves scratching off the existing paint using sanders, covering the areas which do not need to be painted and then finally painting the vehicle.


If you are considering automotive paint in Decatur, TX, it is important to know that preparing a car for repaint is as important as the paint itself. The right preparation will help you get the right finish, feel, and look. Preparing the car for automotive paint in Decatur, TX may mean that you will have to wash the car thoroughly and apply cutting compounds to remove thin layers of paint from your vehicle.

For automotive paint in Decatur, TX, preparation is not just important for the car, but it is also important for the workstation. Before starting a paint job at a workshop, it is very necessary to clean the workshop properly. Any contaminants and dust particles can drop on the wet paint and spoil the finished look.

Removing the Top Layer

Along with the cutting compound, the top layer of your car paint can be removed using abrasive material. The process is known as sanding. This is an essential part of the process as it will help in deciding the final finished look of your vehicle.

It is worth spending time in this process as it helps in identifying the imperfections in the car body as well. The process can be done manually as well, but technology has made everything easy. Depending upon the area from which you want to remove the paint, using grit paper or sanding pads can easily and effectively remove the paint and expose the metal body of your vehicle. Once the top layer is removed, you have to clean the car before moving onto the next stage.


Priming is the process done to hide the defects of the bare metal body. It also creates a barrier between the car’s body and the new paint. This barrier is important because it ensures that the paint sticks to the body for a longer time. This will give your car a perfect finish.

Only the best quality primers will give your car the right look after a paint job is complete. Make sure that the area on which you plan to apply the primer is thoroughly cleaned. Typically, two or more coats of primer are used on a metal car. Separate primers are available in case you are painting plastic.


The painting job is all about choosing the right paint and applying it in the right manner.

Base Color and Clear Coat

A base color is applied to the vehicle after the completion of the priming process. Base color is categorized into three types – solid base colors, metallic base colors, and pearlescent base color. The type of base color which is chosen depends upon the type of car.

At the end of a painting job, a clear coat is applied to give a shiny, finished look to the car.

Waterborne vs. Solvent Paints

There are two types of automotive paints – Waterborne and solvent Paints. There is one basic difference between these two types of paints.

Solvent paints are made up of an oil base and contain a large quantity of volatile organic compounds. As a result, they pose a threat to the environment and to the health of the user. This is the reason why waterborne paints are now a new thing in the automotive paint industry. They are primarily made up of water with around 10% of organic compounds.

Solvent paints have been used in the industry for quite a long time to give a shiny, perfect look to vehicles. But with changes in technology, automotive paint shops in Decatur, TX now use waterborne paints and give the same finished feel to vehicles in an environmentally friendly manner.

Single Stage vs. Two Stage Paint

Single stage type provides an all in one solution for a painting job. It includes the base color and the clear coat. However, with advancements in technology, auto paint is now applied in two stages. This is important to give a perfect look to the car.


Life would have been so easy if automotive paint in Decatur, TX were done with a simple paintbrush. However, this is not the case. The paint is usually pumped using pipes and is sprayed through a nozzle. The flow of the paint is determined by the size of the pipe and how the paint sticks to the basecoat.

Automotive paint in Decatur, TX, does not end here. Sometimes, no matter how cautious a painter is, there are certain defects which show up after the paint dries. A reliable workshop will ensure that all imperfections are cleared up before handing the car over to the customer.


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