4 Steps to a Perfect Automotive Paint | Decatur, TX

4 Steps to a Perfect Automotive Paint | Decatur, TX

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Painting a car can be a daunting task and it could take several days to complete. The misconception here is that many people confuse painting a car with painting the wall of a house. But in reality, the two are entirely different!

While one requires just a few rollers, the other requires special adherence to specific rules and a final finishing for the job to be done well.

This is the reason that professional automotive paint can be pricey and requires special skills to give your vehicle the appearance it deserves.

Car Paint Explained

Painting your car requires availability of several tools as well as their right and precise use for a flawless job. Let’s understand the steps that you can take to paint your car the way you want.

Step 1: The Preparation

Once you have successfully gathered all your supplies and necessary tools, it is time to prepare your garage for the big task ahead. It is important to have enough a spacious clean garage to ensure that there are no particles that can prove to be harmful to the task at hand.

You will have to wash your car in order to prepare it for a lasting paint. Get rid of any grease, dirt or grime that’s gathered in the narrow spaces. Estimate as to how much of the area on your car has to be painted so that you have a clear picture of the task at hand. Special car and expertise is required for automotive paint if you plan to paint the inner areas of your car, such as the engine.

Step 2: Stripping Task

Once you’ve prepared your tools, have cleaned your garage and designated the areas that need paint, you’re ready to move to the stripping phase.

For this, you will need a sanding machine. Remember to select the right machine in order to avoid any damage to the structure of your car. You will also need to use this tool correctly to prepare the car’s surface for the automotive paint. A good idea here would be to first practice using this tool on a flat surface in order to get a grasp of it when you’re actually painting the car.

Try to move the sander in a circular motion as you strip the surface. Firstly, remove the clear coat, then the top coat and then the base coat to proceed with your automotive paint job. If you intend to give your car the best finish, it is advisable to sand your entire vehicle to its bare metal point. This will allow the prime to completely adhere to the new surface. To give your car a uniformed look and a good finish, sand the crevices of your car with your hand.

Now, use car thinners or a rag to clean the exterior. Allow any residue accumulated on the surface to evaporate before you begin with the next step.

Step 3: Applying the Primer

Now you may apply a primer on your car before going ahead with the final stage. Before beginning, remember to mask of any areas of your car that you do not want painted. Find out about the paint ratio to make sure that you do not over paint your vehicle.

It is always advisable to do some practice before you apply the primer. Use a window, door or a rusted vehicle part to practice for your automotive paint. Start applying the primer in a sweeping fashion while keeping the spray gun at a decent length. Remember to move the machine evenly so that there is a uniform coat of paint on all the areas.

Applying two to three coats is recommended. Spend about 15 minutes on each coat. This is enough time for the paint to sit well with the surface of your car. Next, use a sandpaper to smoothen the primer’s finish. Remember to use only the required amount of thinner to avoid wearing out the primer.

Step 4: Painting the Vehicle

Remember to use only the right ratios for your automotive paint.Mix the right quantity of thinner in your paint and begin spraying it on the surface. Here again, remember to use the spray gun in a way that no uneven spots remain on the car.

Apply two to three coats and remember to give them time to dry. Do remove the masking material from unpainted area before you allow it time to dry out. Inspect your car to ensure that the paint has been applied to all areas evenly.

Have Your Car Painted Professionally

Deciding to carry out an automotive painton your own or hiring inexperienced staff cannot guarantee an error-free work. Therefore, it is mandatory to hire a professional company that can meet all your expectations.

Hiring Never Satisfied Kustoms, a professional service in the Decatur, TX area will allow you to have your vehicle painted flawlessly as per your customization needs.

Final Words

In order to ensure that your car has the finest look, it is always important to call a trusted professional in the Decatur, TX area to do the job. Doing so will increase its lifespan and provide it with a clean, aesthetic appearance. Hiring professional services is mandatory to give your vehicle a nice finish.